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2 Days (10:30am-4pm) $625.




In this two day workshops we will explore ways of creating strong well designed art with impact. 


1. Laying down base painting and mixed media layering.

2. Understanding value and color.

3. Getting out of your own way and creating from a “flow” state.

4. Mark making.

5. Developing an editors eye for identifying what is working in your art.

6. How to finish a piece and feel good about it.

For beginners to professionals.

Supplies and materials provided. Wood panels, paint, brushes, tools and mixed media materials.

ICB Building / 480 Gate 5 Road Ste #107 / Sausalito CA 94965

“Gordon’s workshops provided an incredible learning experience in how to expand one’s creativity, develop an intuitive sense of where to take an art piece &  go beyond your comfort zone. The combination of teaching powerful techniques, insightful feedback & being prepared to challenge you makes for a truly fulfilling class. A big thank you!”  - Michael D.

“Gordon’s workshop was fun, generous and inspiring. He created a warm, supportive environment for the group to play with new ideas and processes, while offering open ended, but individualized, directions to consider. It was great to meet other artists from around the country and to work in his large open studio in the ICB Artists building in beautiful Sausalito.” - Lynn A.

“After taking a year off of painting, I decided to take a workshop with Gordon to get back into it. His class was amazing!  There were artists from all levels of experience.  From novice, to the well seasoned. I especially liked the fact that all of your supplies were readily available to you, and that you were surrounded by his incredible pieces for inspiration.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my time in his studio and in Sausalito. If you're looking for inspiration, camaraderie and great art direction, look no further. I highly recommend!” - Richard C.

“As a representational artist for many years, I have struggled with transitioning to working in. Gordon demystified abstracts for me - and was tremendously encouraging throughout. He provides everything you’d need and more, but his winning personality really makes the workshop a true delight. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in abstract painting.” - Carole B.

“I loved Gordon's workshop. I learned more techniques in a 2 day workshop than some year long art classes. I signed up for Gordons class because he is an incredible artist, but it turns out, he is also a wonderful teacher. He shares the way to approach the blank panel and build on it using all sorts of new tools. He has a way of instructing that is informative and constructive yet still very free and loose. He made me feel like there were no mistakes. I highly recommend his workshop.” - Jayne B.


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